Cayman Islands Mosque Concept

Update: March 3, 2017

General Information of The Land

  1. Land size: 83 ft x 96 ft (based on measurement done by Br Ozair before Smith Road widening project, 2015)
  2. Land area: 7,986 sqf
    According to Valuation Report prepared by DDL Studio in 2013, the registered area of the land is 0.22 acres or 9,583 sqf
    Note: A fixed boundary survey is considered necessary to know the exact land boundaries information.
  3. Parcel zoning: Neighborhood Commercial
  4. Qibla direction: 32.33° from East toward North

Current Situation

ISCI's Wishlist

Prayer hall for brothers & sisters, bathroom (with a toilet, a shower, and wudhu tap) each for men and women, secluded room/space for sisters with children/babies, storage room, imam office/library, a room for visiting imam, dome & minaret, kitchen, small pantry, more taps outside for wudhu, outdoor space for social activities, and parking area.

General Requirements

Based on “Development and Planning Regulations (2015 Revision)”; Neighborhood Commercial Zone; other places of worship
  1. Min. setbacks: 20 ft (front/road); 6 ft (sides); 6 ft (rear)
  2. Max. height: 20 ft (information from Cayman Islands Airports Authority, 2016)
  3. Min. parking: one space per 150 sqf (of building floor), min. space for a vehicle 8.5 ft x 16 ft exclusive access thereto, parking areas shall not be provided within front/road setbacks
  4. Max. site coverage: 75% of lot area (includes paved surfaces, parking areas, driveways and service areas), the remainder being suitably landscaped
  5. In case total impervious site coverage of 4,000 sqf or greater, we need to prepare a Stormwater Management Plan (based on Stormwater Management Guidelines, Dept. of Planning & NRA)

Preliminary Design

Image-01 – Current ISCI Masjid at Cayman Business Park

Image-02 – Current ISCI Masjid layout

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Note: ~640 sqf praying area (covered with green carpet) but only fit ~30 brothers & ~9 sisters; ~10.5 ft ceiling height; ~16 ft building height (rough estimation)

Image-03 – Purchased land for the new mosque

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Image-04 – Proposed floor plan [top view]

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Area = 1196.0 sqf (including walls and terraces/entrances)

Image-05 – Main areas of the mosque [iso view]

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(A) Prayer hall 800,7 sqf; (B1) Pantry area for brothers 35.2 sqf; (B2) Pantry area for sisters 35.2 sqf; (C1) Bathroom for brothers 36.7 sqf; (C2) Bathroom for sisters 36.7 sqf; (D1) Outside wudhu area for brothers; (D2) Outside wudhu area for sisters

Image-06 – Bathroom/toilet layout

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Image-07 – Furniture/fixtures layout

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(a) Bookshelves; (b) Pantry tables; (c) Wall bed; (d) Portable partitions; (e) Minbar

Image-07a – Bookshelves

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Image-07b – Pantry tables

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Image-07c – Wall bed

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Image-7d – Portable partitions

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Image-08a – Partitions layout 1

Daily, Friday prayer setup
Capacity: 53 bros. + 11 sis.
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Image-08b – Partitions layout 2

When visiting imam needs to stay in the mosque
Capacity: 39 bros. + 11 sis.
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Image-08c – Partitions layout 3

Setup for community events that need more space
Capacity: 64 persons
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Image-09 – Outside wudhu areas

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Image-10 – Exterior view

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Image-11a – Front elevation

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Image-11b – Right elevation

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Image-11c – Rear elevation

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Image-11d – Left elevation

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Image-12 – Site plan

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Note: Total impervious site coverage is 4,722 sqf (building 1,196 sqf + parking/driveway 3,526 sqf), a Stormwater Management Plan needs to be provided.

Image-13 – Perspective

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Cayman Islands Mosque Concept, Update: March 3, 2017